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About Dwight Evans

As a State Representative and civic leader, Dwight has dedicated his career to bolstering our communities and improving the lives of Philadelphia families.

Dwight will be an activist Congressman who will take what's he's learned from his successes to strengthen all our neighborhoods across the city, block by block.

A Lifetime Commitment to Philadelphia

Dwight is a North Philadelphia native, a community activist and a leader in the State Legislature. Throughout his career, he has been on the front lines for civil rights, economic opportunity, quality education and safe neighborhoods.

Stronger Communities

Dwight is focused on turning once-blighted neighborhoods into thriving commercial centers and magnets for middle-class families. Block by block, he will help revitalize neighborhoods across Philadelphia by bringing stable jobs and refurbished housing.

Fresh & Affordable Food, Higher Quality of Life

Dwight led the effort to bring grocery stores to underserved neighborhoods without fresh food options in areas outside his boundaries. This helped create new jobs and was used as a national model by President Obama,

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Latest from the campaign

Dwight Evans: Everyone Deserves Access to Fresh Foods

By Dwight Evans For many of us, a trip to the grocery store is an errand taken for granted, but for some Americans in urban areas, access to fresh groceries is a nearly impossible luxury. It only takes one local grocery store to feed thousands of families and build a stronger community, and it only […]


My Thoughts on the Last Nine Days

By Dwight Evans The tragedies of the past nine days have produced tension and grief for the citizens and members of law enforcement throughout the country. While it may be easier to succumb to hate and prejudice, it will do nothing to solve the problems that we face or find the solutions that we all want […]