Watch Dwight Evans’ First TV Ad

By Michael Dineen

But you probably have a few friends in Philadelphia who don’t know how Dwight has fought to revitalize neighborhoods, block by block.

We’re launching our first TV ad tomorrow, and we hope you’ll help out by watching the video, sharing it with your friends, and chipping in $5 or more to help spread the word:

You probably know how Dwight Evans got started as a community organizer and how he’s dedicated his career in the legislature to doing what’s right for Philadelphia. Maybe you have even read Dwight’s book, Making Ideas Matter, on how he worked to revitalize neighborhoods with good jobs, safe neighborhoods, and strong schools.

If you’re a part of this campaign, then help share Dwight’s story with your friends and neighbors — watch the video and chip in $5 or more to help spread the word.

Thank you.