Dwight Evans on Today’s Gun Vote

By Dwight Evans

Earlier this week, Congress voted on four gun safety measures that would have made our country safer. Even after the worst mass shooting in the United States, every single gun safety measure failed to pass.

This can’t be happening — and I won’t stay silent.

With 92 percent of Americans supporting universal background checks for all gun sales and 95 percent of gun owners in Pennsylvania supportive of those measures, we need leaders that reflect the values of the American people, not those that give in to the beckonings of organizations like the NRA.

If you agree, sign the petition today and tell Washington stand up to gun violence by passing universal background checks, ban assault weapons, enact restrictions on magazine capacity, and prohibit those on the no-fly list from purchasing firearms.

Millions of Americans have had enough, and thanks to Senators Cory Booker and Chris Murphy taking the lead on the gun safety epidemic, they have started a movement to demand safer, stronger gun laws.

There’s one more vote next week and we can’t give up. Join me by adding your name and tell Congress you support gun reform.

We won’t stop trying and we won’t stop fighting. With your help, we will make our communities safer.

Thank you.