Dwight Evans on Green, Open Spaces

By Dwight Evans


William Penn founded Philadelphia with an idea that was very different at the time for cities: the idea that urban dwellers should have access to green spaces.

As Philadelphians, we’re proud of our famous “squares” and to be home to Fairmount Park, the largest landscaped park in the world, which offers running trails, stunning views of the city skyline, playgrounds, historic Victorian mansions, rivers, and countless recreational fields.

Millions of residents and visitors visit Philadelphia parks each year, and just the other day, the American Planning Commission named Fairmount Park among the best places in the country.

Investment in our parks and recreational spaces attracts people and businesses to the Philadelphia area and improves quality of life — say you’re with me and sign the petition.

Years ago, I worked with Morris Arboretum to start a program that teaches people how to care for the spaces around them. We’re all products of our environment — and if we want our families to be healthy, we need to immerse ourselves in a healthy environment and take care of it.

And I’m proud to support Mayor Kenney’s plan to #RebuildPHL with crucial investments to repair and improve parks, recreation centers, and libraries in neighborhoods across the city.

Across the country, more and more people are moving back into urban cities — and sometimes people need what urbanization has replaced: open space, greenery, and the natural environment. Clean air, room to run, space to think — people need these things, too, to lead happy and productive lives. Our cities need to be places full of these opportunities as well.

In my plan, I talk about how we can work to expand city park accessibility using new technology, create parklets using existing parking spaces to create seasonal gardens, plant more trees, and create more rooftop gardens and parks.

Let’s return Philadelphia to William Penn’s vision of a place that makes parks accessible for all residents. Add your name to make investments in parks a priority for cities across the country.

Thank you.