Dwight Evans: Protect our Environment, Protect our Future

By Dwight Evans

Earth Day is a great day to celebrate nature and our environment — but right now it’s under attack from the Trump administration.

Every single one of our parks, rivers, nature preserves, public lands, and bodies of water are at risk because of President Trump — he’s cozying up to the deep pockets of polluters and slashing the EPA’s budget.

Trump doesn’t care about the future of our environment, he only cares about the profits that will be made selling out our public lands and water to the highest bidder. With cuts to Pennsylvania’s waste and water programs — this all-out assault on our environment is putting 10.7 million Pennsylvanians at risk.

Today isn’t just a day of celebration, it’s a day of action to fight back against the threats the Trump administration is making to our environment.

We’re all products of our environment — and if we want a healthy future for our families and environment, we need to act now. Climate change is here, it’s human-caused, it’s destroying our planet — and we deserve leaders who will listen and consider the facts when making decisions that will impact the future of our families and our environment.

Trump’s budget cuts to the EPA will have an enormous impact on the health and quality of life in Pennsylvania. Water will be undrinkable, area waste clean-up will cease, and the health of our families will be at risk. We can’t allow Trump to put polluters first by selling off our public lands and letting corporations run free of modern regulations.

On Earth Day, join me to demand that the Trump administration stop denying the facts and take action to protect the health of our environment.