100 Days

By Dwight Evans

Today, Trump is marking his 100th day in office with a rally in Harrisburg because if there’s one thing this man loves more than gaslighting America — it’s himself and those who blindly love him for it. While he has some of the lowest approval rates in history, he continues to hold rallies to reinforce his vanity — all while profiting off of the presidency.

Already, Trump has made countless broken promises to the American people — which now he claims the 100 Days grading is an “artificial barrier” and a “ridiculous standard” — but I believe it’s a tell of the forthcoming of his presidency.

As representatives of the American people, we swore an oath to work together on behalf of our constituents — but Trump clearly has other plans. He has allowed special interests and billionaires to swarm his administration, his proposed budget consistently gives massive tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of middle-class America, and he takes no issue with selling off our public lands and water to the highest bidder.

I refuse to let Trump re-shape and rip apart the very foundation of our democracy for his short-sightedness — we’ve come too far.

We’re in for a long fight and we need to stay engaged no matter what happens. A march here and there won’t cut it for an administration that attempts to normalize irreprehensible behavior and continues to chop away at the very foundation our country was built on. We need to watch their every move and call them out whenever they step outside of the lines to let them know we see through it.

The rally today in Harrisburg is just another ego boost for Trump — and the American people can see through it. It’s up to us to take notice, stay focused and stay woke.

Thank you for joining me in this resistance. I will never stop fighting for everyday families not only in Philadelphia, but also across the nation — and I know you won’t either.