Sierra Club Political Committee Endorses Congressman Evans

“We are pleased to announce that the Sierra Club has endorsed Congressman Evans’ candidacy for the 2018 election cycle. The Sierra Club’s National Political Team and Pennsylvania Chapter are pleased to support the Evans campaign in appreciation of the demonstrated commitment to protecting America’s environment.

The Sierra Club is committed to promoting clean energy solutions to move the nation beyond dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil and dangerous nuclear power, and towards a safe, clean energy future built on energy efficiency, clean energy, and American innovation. Since our founding in 1892, the Sierra Club has protected America’s wild places and wildlife. In addition, the Club works to protect public health and ensure safe and healthy communities that are free of toxic air and water pollution.

The Sierra Club and its over 3 million members and supporters work to support candidates who share these values….We wish Congressman Evans success in this campaign and look forward to working with him to protect America’s air, water and land for our families and our future.”