Local Democratic Lawmakers Call For Unity, Strong Voting Turnout After Suspicious Package Scares

Originally published by CBS 3 Philadelphia on October 25, 2018

By Kimberly Davis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Real change comes from voting — that’s what Democratic lawmakers are saying after suspected bombs were mailed to political leaders.

Now, Democrats say it’s time for everyone to come together.

“This is a serious challenge we have at this moment in America, we need not to take it lightly,” Congressman Dwight Evans said.

Suspicious packages containing bombs were mailed to Democratic political leaders including Hillary and Bill Clinton, former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden this week.

But those on Capitol Hill say they will not be intimidated and the work to get out the vote will continue.

“We must be civil in our discussions,” Evans said.

“Yes, we have our challenges, but we need to work together. I think the message we were trying to send today, is it’s better for us to work together to try to get things done.’”

Congressman Bob Brady agrees.

“Civility has to prevail here,” Brady said. “No more rhetoric.”

But was this threat politically motivated? Legislators say they’ll leave that up federal law enforcement to figure out.

“They’re going to catch them,” Brady said. “They are almost there. The information I get is that they’re almost here and they will get them.”

It wasn’t just political leaders who were targeted, actor Robert De Niro received a similar package and USPS workers were also put at risk.