CBS 21: Congressman joins in Pennsylvania protest to protect US Postal Service

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — A US congressman joined a protest to protect the US Postal Service on Tuesday.

This comes as the service is under scrutiny because of its potential impact on November’s election.

Democratic US Representative Dwight Evans visited the Green Street Post Office in Germantown, where neighbors sounded off over their concerns with the mail system.

“There’s an app on your phone that tells you you’ve got mail coming and it’ll come days later,” said resident David Pierce.

Debbie Garrett of Cheltenham is holding a sign that reads, ‘Keep your hands off our mail.’ Its directed to President Trump and other lawmakers who she believes is not adequately funding the US Postal Service, causing delays in her mail, including medication.

“It’s not right. We need our postal service like we need food,” said Garrett.

Congressman Evans says he’s traveling to Washington on Saturday for a vote that would give $25 billion for the post office. The money would cover budget shortfalls and make sure post offices have enough staff, so mail-in ballots are not delayed for the November election.

“The post office has been around 245 years. It connects our democracy,” said Rep. Evans (D-Pennsylvania).

In the meantime, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Pennsylvania now joins a dozen other states in suing the Trump Administration over attempts to change the postal service ahead of the election.

“The Trump Administration has no legal authority to disrupt how Pennsylvania exercises its right under the election clause,” said Shapiro.

The Pennsylvania AG says he expects the lawsuit against the White House to be filed within the next 24 to 38 hours.