Chestnut Hill Local: Cathedral Village seniors march for Biden-Harris

by Barbara Sherf

A group of 40 seniors residing at Cathedral Village Retirement Community in Roxborough, ranging in age from their 70s through 100s, marched in support of the Biden-Harris ticket on Thursday afternoon.

Some with walkers and some with canes, the group chanted in the parking lot and then proceeded to walk north to Manatawna and Ridge Avenues receiving honks from passing motorists along the way.

Democratic Congressman Dwight Evans, who was on hand, said seniors know what democracy is all about.

“Seniors paid their dues and they earned it. They understand what democracy is all about and they know the importance of voting through past history,” said Evans, who was wearing a VOTE mask.

March Organizer Dennis Brunn is one of about 130 Indivisible Cathedral Village members who talked of the myriad of issues that will affect seniors if Donald Trump retains his seat in the oval office.

“We believe that Biden and Harris will address the Covid 19 pandemic far more effectively than President Trump and that the Democrats will protect and improve Social Security, Medicare and be a champion for social, racial and economic justice,” said Brunn, 76, who lived in Northwest Philadelphia for 40 years. “As seniors concerned about our grandchildren, we support Biden and Harris also because they will listen to the worldwide scientific community’s call to address climate change.”

Brunn said they have a constant stream of alerts to call senators and representatives on an array of issues.

“We are trying to block the Trump agenda but also do some positive things. We had a rally near here around gun violence in which 100 people turned out and a similar rally in the spring around climate change,” said Brunn, noting that all gatherings take place just off of the property.