The Philadelphia Tribune: Black clergy back Biden, Harris in Nov. 3 election


The Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity are taking the 2020 fall election seriously. On Friday, along with U.S. Rep Dwight Evans (D-3), the 80-member group that features some of the area’s most prominent preachers gave out its endorsements.

For president of the United States, the group has decided to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden. They also endorse U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris for vice president.

“We feel this is the right thing to do,” said the Rev. Robert Collier, pastor of Galilee Baptist Church and president of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity. “This is an election where everyone should be involved.

“We want to see everyone involved. We’re not telling anyone how to vote, we’re just telling them to go out and exercise their right.”

The Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity’s endorsements could make a difference for some who are still undecided. In addition to backing the Democratic ticket for president and vice president, the group is backing Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Nina Ahmad for auditor general, State Treasurer Joe Torsella and U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle and Evans for Congress.

In addition, the group announced it is endorsing U.S. Reps. Madeleine Dean from District 4 and Mary Gay Scanlon from District 5.

For the state Senate, the endorsed candidates were Nikil Saval in the 1st District, Sharif Street in the 3rd District, John Sabatina in the 5th District and Vincent Hughes in the 7th District.

The endorsements for state representatives in the General Assembly went to Mike Doyle in the 170; 172 Kevin Boyle; 173 Mike Driscoll; 174 Ed Neilson; 175 Mary Louise Isaacson; 177 Joe Hohenstein; 179 Jason Dawkins; 180 Angel Cruz; 181 Malcolm Kenyatta; 182 Brian Sims; 184 Elizabeth Fiedler; 185 Regina Young and 186 Jordan Harris.

Also receiving an endorsement were 188 Rick Krajewski; 190 Amen Brown; 191 Joanna McClinton; 192 Morgan Cephas; 194 Pamela Delissio; 195 Donna Bullock; 197 Daniel Burgos; 198 Darisha K. Parker; 200 Chris Rabb; 201 Stephen Kinsey; 202 Jared Solomon; and 203 Isabella Fitzgerald.

“Receiving an endorsement from the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity is an honor,” Evans said. “Not only is it an honor, it comes at the right time. There are two Sundays remaining before Election Day. That’s two opportunities, even though we are in a pandemic, for them to get their message across. Every vote counts.”