Homeland Security Today: Coast Guard Hosts Elected Official Staff Members to Demonstrate Mission Readiness, Response Capabilities in Delaware Bay

Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay hosted Pennsylvania elected official staff members Friday for a mission brief and demonstration of safety and security response capabilities in the Delaware Bay.

“This is an opportunity for us to bring representatives of our elected officials to Philadelphia, and show them our front line missions,” said Capt. Jonathan Theel, commander of Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay and Delaware Bay’s captain of the port. “This tour was intended to familiarize our elected officials with the Coast Guard’s critical role on the Delaware River, highlight our strong local partnerships, and discuss ways to best serve the people living and working in Pennsylvania.”

Staff members toured the base and witnessed an active shooter demonstration held with Pennsylvania State Police personnel, Philadelphia SWAT officers, and members of the Philadelphia Police Department Marine Unit. The drill displayed the agencies’ emergency response capabilities predesigned to keep the Delaware Bay and local communities safe.

Additionally, staff members received mission briefings from Theel and other subject matter experts from the Coast Guard and Mariners’ Advisory Committee.

The Coast Guard plays an essential role in facilitating a safe and efficient maritime transportation system along with our partners at the Maritime Exchange, the Pilot’s Association for The Bay and River Delaware, local towing vessel owner and operators, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), amongst many others.

“The Bay and River Delaware is the heart of this region’s economy,” said Lt. Jordan Marshall, from Sector Delaware Bay’s waterways management division.

Within the state of Pennsylvania, emergency response and security team partnerships ensure the uninterrupted flow of $200 million of commerce a day into the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware economies.