6abc: Queen Village neighborhood holds meeting on safety following latest shooting

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Homeowners and renters in Philadelphia’s Queen Village neighborhood brought their concerns about crime directly to the people in charge.

In replacement of the monthly Queen Village Neighborhood Association meeting, the group held a specialty meeting Thursday night to discuss crime.

“I remember a very different neighborhood 30 years ago. I never gave thought to walking with my daughter when she was an infant,” said Joan Burrill of Queen Village.

Burrill is the face of many longtime Queen Village neighbors who are upset and threatened by the crime.

The meeting was held just days after a shooting following the South Street Festival where a security officer was shot after breaking up a fight.

Neighbors say because of the crime, community morale is low.

“We all have to be open-minded, but patience runs thin,” said Burrill.

The group was able to voice their concerns before city and state elected officials including Congressman Dwight Evans, State Senator Nikil Saval, State Representative Mary Isaacson and Councilman Mark Squilla.

For his part, 1st District Councilmember Mark Squilla promised the city’s support to address the crime and other problems.

“What people want to hear is what are you doing to make that change? We talked about that. We talked about our visit to Trenton. They went 90 days without a homicide,” said Squilla.

The trip to Trenton was used as one example of an effective collaborative approach used to reduce crime.

“It wasn’t just police, it was Parks and Recreation, the health department, it was sanitation, it was the Streets Department. If you have brighter lights, it’s a safer street. If you have cleaner streets and cleaner neighborhoods, it’s a safer neighborhood,” said Squilla.